Book after Book

I love to read, but last year I just couldn’t read. I was so nauseous for the first few months and would get worse when I tried to read. Then I had a few months that I could read without getting sick. After Hannah came I had way better things to do than read, like shower, eat, SLEEP, feed her, stare at her, be with her… the list goes on. But this year I want to read book after book. I love to read and have a goal to read at least 2 books a month. I finished 2016 by reading For Married Women Only by Tony Evans. It is an awesome, easy read. This short booklet has a match for your husband and can be read in one sitting (if the baby doesn’t start crying, husband doesn’t need dinner immediately, or dog don’t knocks a bottle of Gatorade off of the end table). It is a look at what the Bible says our roles are as a wife. My favorite quote from the book is, “Submission has to do with function, not being. It does not signify that a wife is inferior to her husband in terms of her worth before God.” How beautiful is that? Just because I submit to my husband doesn’t mean God values me less than my spouse. We are the same in the eyes of God as long as we are saved by Christ because when God looks at me he sees Jesus! This book reminded me of my job as Kyle’s wife. I am his helpmate. I am his number one fan. I am to respect him and submit to his leading of our home. 


My Heart’s Desire

When Kyle and I first married, we were always asked So when are you having kids? We would smile, laugh, and say We are on the five year plan. We wanted to have time as a married couple to enjoy our time and figure out how our lives were going to mesh. We each had dreams of what we wanted to accomplish before kids. A master’s degree for me, college and a full time job for him, traveling…Life!

About two years into our marriage my heart began to change. I was in a Christmas production at church as Mary and had the blessing of holding a friend’s baby (Jesus) during the show. I instantly wanted a baby of my own. I wanted little fingers to grab my pinkie. I wanted a sweet face to smile back at me. Don’t get me wrong…I know it isn’t all perfect and there are many other sides of a life with a baby, but my heart had a new desire. A desire to become a mom.

Kyle and I talked and he still wasn’t ready. I had just started my master’s. He was no where near done with school. We had only been married for two years. What happened to the five year plan?

All I asked was that Kyle pray about it, read the bible, and let me know when he was ready.


“Delight yourself in the Lordand he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

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