Lord, I am Coming

I saw a beautiful picture on Instagram yesterday that said “My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk to me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”” (Psalm 27:8) 

I had to screen capture it and this morning as I looked at the image again I wanted to read Psalm 27. This Psalm is David’s and is titled The Lord is My Light and My Salvation. It is such a beautiful prayer to lift up, but verse 8…how many times do we feel the draw of the Lord and actually go to Him? I know so many times I get distracted. I’ll spend time with you when my coffee cup is empty (I want to be fully awake for Jesus). I’ll spend time with you when my daughter is napping (what if she needs me while I’m doing my quiet time). I’ll spend time with you when my favorite show is over (I don’t want to be wondering what is happening in the show). I’ll spend time with you before I go to bed (so that you’re the last thought before I sleep). So many excuses! Why can’t I respond immediately with “Lord, I am coming” ? I know I am probably not alone in this struggle, but today my prayer is to put God first, before the boxes I need to pack, before the DVR, before my caffeine fix. God is first!


Camp Daddy

I debated whether or not to come to camp this year. I’ve never been away from Hannah at night, so I wasn’t about to go without her. We were not sure if we could get a room for us as a family, so why go? Kyle wouldn’t get to see us much. Hannah sleeps from 8 pm to 6:30 am. She naps twice a day for two hours each. So he would see us at meals…maybe at free time…and the start of service. 

The week I was debating backing out of camp, I ran into a sweet lady whose husband had been Kyle’s youth pastor. I can remember trips with them, and their kids were always there. I asked her if it was worth it? Her response was quick and easy, “Yes.” She went on to explain that seeing the kids at meals made her husband’s week better. He would slip away for bedtime prayers and play a little during free time. My conversation with her made it clear, Hannah and I would go to camp.

As the week drew nearer, I was nervous about sleeping for Hannah. I was anxious about when I would get to shower (cleanliness is next to godliness after all 😉). I was trying to drop all expectations for Kyle. I wanted to be happy with whatever time, energy, and help he could give me. I wanted to be grateful for the amount of worship I did get to attend. I wanted to be present and participating with the kids but know that Hannah’s needs were first!

Now I am here, at camp, sitting in the room while Hannah plays with an empty bottle (we brought toys, but some things are more interesting than toys 😕). We have had all of the meals with the kids. We have visited during games and free time. We have sung in worship and heard some preaching. But the amazing part, the blessing, is my Camp Daddy! Kyle has been the best daddy and youth pastor at the same time! His balance of family and students is beyond impressive!

Kyle has taken care of us. He has visited with us. He has loved us with acts of service. Kyle has been with the students during games, free time, service, devotions, meals! He is leading this group and bonding with them each moment of the day. I have been so impressed with his ability to be both Daddy and Pastor. God has blessed me with an amazing man. 
(BTW I didn’t get to finish this in one sitting because bottles, meals, and Daddy time is more important. Hannah is napping while I finish this now. 😜)

A Life Unrecognizable 

Last night driving home from my parents’ home Kyle said, “I don’t even recognize our life compared to this time last year.” And oh how true that statement is. We have always known that God could lead us anywhere (just like he can everyone…not just ministry families), but the whirlwind we have been in for the past year makes our lives completely different. Unrecognizable. Bare with me. 

In June 2016, I was pregnant. I worked at Cartersville Elementary. Kyle worked part time at ATCO Baptist. We had no clue how we were going to afford a baby. We were living in a 900 square foot home with two dogs trying to make space for a baby in all of our stuff. We were overwhelmed!

Fast forward a year to June 2017. We have a healthy, beautiful 10 month old daughter who is crawling all over the house. I work for Calhoun Elementary. Kyle works full time for Trinity Baptist. We are packing our tiny home and moving to our dream home/mini-farm. We are overwhelmed!

Two different kinds of overwhelmed. I feel a bit like Jabez. Praying for guidance, blessings, provisions, ministry opportunities, protection, peace…
 “Jabez called upon the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain!” And God granted what he asked.” (1 Chronicles‬ ‭4:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬) I know Jabez didn’t use all of the words I did, but God has blessed Kyle and me in ways we didn’t even know how to pray for a year ago. Our border has been enlarged to encompass Calhoun now! We have prayed for God’s blessing and He has more than provided! God has protected us from harm. God is Good!

Years of praying brought us a healthy, happy baby girl! God is good!

Opening our eyes to where God may take our ministry led us to Trinity Baptist Church. This provided financially, spiritually, and has grown us closer together as a family. God is good!

I didn’t want to leave my job and had planned on staying unless God moved mountains. I received a phone call in April from a principal who didn’t even have a job listed as open on the website. I interviewed the next day and knew I was going to their school. They offered me a job 24 hours later. God decided to heave a mountain out of the way! God is good!

We decided to list our house even though it had little repairs that still needed to be done. We had a contract on it within 24 hours. God is good!

We had been looking for months at homes in Calhoun and nothing made us excited! Until a tiny farm came up for sale. Lots of people were looking at the home and we just knew we would never get it. Until 2 days later we got a call that said otherwise. God is good!

I could bore you with a million details that give me chills because I know they were from God. His hand has moved what feels like a mountain chain to bring us where we are. Trusting Him is one of the hardest things to practice, but has huge rewards! We are still walking through the changes, stumbling on details, and ironing out wrinkles, but God is so GOOD!