The Mission of Motherhood

Mommies, you are important and called by God to disciple your children. You have an influence that no one else can have on your children. I know life can feel monotonous at home with the kids, but what you are doing is so important. I just finished reading Gloria Furman’s Missional Motherhood:The Everyday Ministry of Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God. I have read a few of Furman’s books and love her style of writing. I appreciate how much scripture she uses and can feel her heart in how she writes about God. This book takes a look at God’s plan for mothers, what it means to mother (it doesn’t always mean biological children are involved), and what discipling children (or other mothers, other people’s children, etc.) looks like/means. In the conclusion Furman says, “The world says that you are just a mom and that your mothering ministry is not newsworthy. The world says your work is mundane, but every mothering and discipling moment in your life is actually unique–unprecedented in history and never to be repeated. Your work in evangelism and discipleship done through the power of the spirit gives Jesus praise that echoes in eternity.” I love that she points out that each moment in mothering is unique. All of my friends who have multiple children point out that their children are different and cannot necessarily be approached the same way. Potty training one doesn’t mean you will potty train the next toddler the same way or at the same age. Even with my one child I feel like each moment is unique. One day blowing raspberries makes her happy, the next she hates that and loves bouncing. Who knows what she will like tomorrow?!? Furman wrote a great book that points out your unique ministry and mission field. Grab a copy! You just may realize how important your ministry at home is.


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