What a Chunk?

Hannah is 4 months old and a chunk! She had her check up this week and is 16 lb. 11 oz. (77th%) and 27 in (above 95th%). Go figure she is going to be a tall baby. She has finally rolled over!!!!!! BUT, she doesn’t know how she rolls over…she just looks amazed that she is no longer on her tummy.


Each day I look at her and thank God for her sweet face, amazing health, and happy personality. How did God bring me from desperately wanting a baby to this moment? I’ve gone from crying for a child to crying because I love her so much. 

Hannah is a happy baby who laughs often. She recognizes her bottle and loves to watch us eat. She is fascinated by lights and stares at the chandeliers at church until she falls asleep. Hannah can pull to a sitting position and prop up on her elbows. We love watching Hannah grow!


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