This is supposed to be a FAMILY blog

My husband had a great lesson last night at church! I loved it! The students loved it! So logically I wanted him to share it here. When I suggested it last night he responded with changing the subject. This is one of his tactics to getting out of something. I then turned the conversation back to sharing on our FAMILY blog and he addressed it with, “I’m not good at communicating through writing.” Without any prompting from me he also confessed the only way to get better is to practice. Can I get some help from y’all? Will you encourage him to participate in our FAMILY blog?



One thought on “This is supposed to be a FAMILY blog

  1. Amberly says:

    Being so far away, it would be nice to hear your word. When you write, write like you talk, then people feel like they are really hearing you. Don’t worry about grammer and spelling so much. That can quench the spirit. If you are worried, then Danielle can edit it before sending.

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