I used to have a spotless house

I enjoy cleaning. It is a way for me to relieve stress and get a clean house all in one. I know most people are rolling their eyes or thinking I’m crazy right now.  Maybe I am. Before baby girl was around, I cleaned my house top to bottom each week. I was a proud home owner who wanted to maintain my house through cleaning. I was also a stressed wife who wanted to contribute financially but couldn’t, so I cleaned. 

Now…now it’s different. Now I would rather hold my daughter while she sleeps, play on the floor during tummy time, and giggle at all of her funny faces. There will always be another day for cleaning. But today, I will adore my daughter. 


One thought on “I used to have a spotless house

  1. Patricia Dorsey says:

    Even with 2 little boys, I still felt obsessed with a clean home! I think I can blame my mother for NOT having a clean house for this obsession! Moving on…that poem that talks about “the dust will keep but your child will not” is so true. Enjoy and be the blessing and encouragement to your little girl and your students.

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