Oprah is not God

I’m laying in bed a little longer than usual this morning watching Live Kelly on ABC. I’m not normally a morning talk show kind of girl, but today I really didn’t want to get out of bed. 

Oprah is on the show this morning, and I am blown away by the build up to her interview and praise during the interview. “Oprah made it okay for women to love bread.” “Oprah is who I credit for starting my career.” “Oprah, Oprah, Oprah!” 

They are acting like she is God. 

I must confess I have never watched an episode of Oprah’s show, read one of her magazines, or anything. I know there is an Oprah effect and everything she promotes turns into gold, but why? Why does her opinion matter so much?

I personally don’t care what Oprah’s opinion is…what she approves or disapproves…she’s just a woman. Not God!

I care about what God’s opinion is. I care about what God approves. I want to know what the thoughts of God are. 

I’m just shocked by the love and praise for this woman! We should be talking about God this way!!!

God is the reason the sun comes up each morning. God is the reason I can breathe. God has created me, my daughter (who is currently kicking me like crazy), and everything in the universe. God saved me from my son. God has made me one of His children! God is EVERYTHING good, just, righteous, pure…

Today, let’s praise God!


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