Knit Together

For Mother’s Day we gave our parents an experience we ourselves could not have imagined being so amazing. We had a 3D ultrasound done! It was incredible to see Hannah’s face, hands, feet,… She is beautiful and I had no words while I stared at her in amazement!

God created her! He knit her together in my body (Psalm 139:13). He knows every detail about her and the life she will live. 

In Sunday School we are studying 1 Samuel and today specifically talked about Samuel’s calling to be a prophet. Samuel’s story is special to me because of my connection to his mother, Hannah (which is who our Hannah is named after). As I sat there and soaked in the lesson this morning I was yet again struck with an affection for this story. How Hannah was blessed with Samuel, raised him, and then gave him back to the Lord. God used Samuel in ways most of us can never imagine being used. He was God’s man but it wasn’t an easy thing being God’s prophet. 

I hope and pray that Hannah will live a life that follows God. That she will have a heart that longs for her Savior and doing His work. I want God to use Hannah’s life for His glory and honor. 


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