The Best Marriage Advice

I honestly don’t remember who first gave Kyle and I this advice, or when it first came. But the best marriage advice we have ever been given or could ever give doesn’t even really feel like marriage advice. It’s really just good life advice. 

Here it is:

If you are both growing closer to God, you will also be growing closer to each other.

It seems too simple and kind of like a “no duh!” moment, but think about it. If I am reading my bible, worshipping God, praying, and growing closer to God, AND Kyle is doing the same thing, we will be also growing closer to each other. 

When I take my eyes off of the distractions of the world (and yes, a husband can be a distraction sometimes) and focus on the Creator of the world (God), I begin to grow closer to Him. If my husband will also do this and grow closer to God, then we are both moving towards the same thing, God, and therefore becoming closer to each other. 

It sounds simple and I wish I were better at it, but I fail daily to do this. Yet it is still the best advice for life, and marriage, I have ever reviewed or could ever give. So today, let’s all strive to grow closer to God and out spouses!


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