Just Be Held

You know how some songs just touch your heart? That is what this song is for me…close to my heart and meaningful beyond what I can describe.

So many times when I was searching for a job, trying to get pregnant, making a transition at work…dealing with life…I have felt like I HAVE to be strong. Like I can’t show weakness or be real. Sometimes during these times of “needing” to be strong God throws another loop into the roller coaster of life. When I was job searching—Kyle lost his job. When we were trying to get pregnant—most of our friends became pregnant. When trying to prepare to be a fifth grade teacher—take on more leadership in the school.

I am sure that you can think of several times where this has happened to you.

Many times when things like this happen we are already tired because we have been trying to be strong…do it ourselves…show no weaknesses. But let me tell you from experience that surrendering control to God is so much better. Laying down your worries, frustrations, needs, wants, EVERYTHING at the feet of Jesus is not showing weakness. Its showing trust in God to take care of you. Its showing faith in Jesus to intercede for us when we don’t know the words to pray anymore. Its showing that we are human and not God.

So many times I have found myself on my knees, crying out to God for answers, begging for a sign and don’t feel like He is anywhere near me. God’s word promises that you are not alone (Matthew 28: 20) so just let go of what you are gripping so tightly. Let God hold you today. Let Him carry your burden.


My favorite part of this song is Your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place. When we were both without jobs…it felt like everything was falling apart. How were we going to pay our bills? buy food? make it? God showed up—I was blessed with a teaching job two weeks before pre-planning and Kyle was able to go back to school to become a youth pastor. When we were trying to get pregnant…it felt hopeless. We were both healthy, nothing wrong except our timing. God showed up—After 27 months of trying, God blessed us with a baby girl (due in August!) Although it felt like our world was falling apart…God’s plan has everything falling into place…the perfect place…at the perfect time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).


When we  were trying to conceive I read a book called Pregnant with Hope. In it were a list of promises from the bible. I have these promises posted around my home, classroom, EVERYWHERE. I stop and read them often because there are times where I need to be reminded of the promises God has made me. I have the promises in a PDF here for you.

Let these help you focus on the cross instead of the storm you are walking through. Know that your pain and grief are real and not silly. God has a plan for all of the emotions you are feeling. He is going to make something beautiful out of the mess that you are in. He is holding you in the palm of His hand!

Today, will you let go? Will you trust God to take care of whatever you are in the middle of? I beg you to stop holding on…and just be held.

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One thought on “Just Be Held

  1. Desiray says:

    Beautiful testimony. I recently went through a rough patch for over a year, and I had to let go and let God. It was hard, my emotions got the best of me at times. But God never got tirexd of my murmuring, what He did was He gave me strength to keep walking in faith.

    Thank you for sharing and God bless you on the new arrival of your baby. We serve an awesome God. He never forgets His children. Amen

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