Why Newspaper???

We heard some thunder rolling in the distance and I immediately knew I had to get back to work. I enlisted my husband so we would finish in time before the rain. It’s spring time which means flower beds need to be newspapered and covered in pinestraw. Yes, newspaper.

 I save newspaper throughout the year so that when spring comes I can cover my flower beds with it. Why newspaper? Because it helps block sunlight from reaching the weeds. Yep, it’s so I can be lazy. I hate pulling weeds, and I hate weeds being in my flower beds. So in the spring, I weed the flower beds and then cover them with newspaper. 

Newspaper is biodegradable and doesn’t seem to harm anything except whatever plant is under it. I then cover the newspaper with pinestraw. I know mulch holds more moisture, but pinestraw is prettier (in my opinion), easier to spread, and inexpensive. 

So today when I heard thunder and wasn’t quite finished with my flower beds, we rushed to complete them, and succeeded! The rain actually helps secure everything in place, so now I don’t have to break out the hose!!!

One more thing off of my to-do list and now an afternoon of reading while the rain drizzles and the thunder rolls.


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