Door Decor Died—Time to Make a New One!

Almost two years ago I posted on Shining the Light in Third Grade a DIY for a burlap wreath (check it out here!). This beauty has been a GREAT front door wreath for years and was so much fun to switch out the add-ons each month.

burlap wreath

But slowly the wreath has died. The burlap is warn out, the R is losing is crisp coat of paint, and all in all I just need to start over.

So I have disassembled the old wreath (because why should I buy all new materials if some of them are still good?—I do not have money to waste) and found new inspiration!!!

As you can see my new inspiration is less full, but still very fun! I think I can use this inspiration to continue to switch out pieces throughout the year to make the same wreath festive for each season.

When I disassembled my old wreath I was left with this:

I decided to reuse the foam wreath, pins, and burlap!!! The “R” I think I can repaint and use for something else around the house (maybe a simple Christmas ornament???). If you are going to make this wreath from new materials you will need:

  • 1 foam wreath (mine is a 14″)
  • about 150 floral pins
  • 5″ wide burlap, cut into 5″ squares

I simply folded each 5×5 burlap square in half. Then I used two floral pins to secure it to the front of the foam wreath (one pin on each side). I layered the burlap folds about 3/4″ apart to add some texture to the wreath (this is why the picture above is simply inspiration—not a recreation!).

When you get close to going all the way around the wreath, you will need to pull the first fold up a little to tuck the bottom of the last fold. The full wreath at this point should look like this:

I have purchased a new, larger “R” and painted it with a high gloss white paint. I hope the high gloss paint will allow the weather to not affect the letter so much (with the last wreath I used a tempera paint).

I also am adding a white burlap bow to the side of my wreath where the add-ons will be attached. This is to add some dimension and cuteness to my wreath! I am not going to hot glue the bow so that I can move it more easily with each add-on if necessary. Instead I will use a floral pin (or two) to attach the bow.

My spring add-on is a tin bucket of flowers (held on with two floral pins) and I must say…I am in LOVE!!!

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