Inspired Flower Planters

Living in the middle of the woods has its benefits! No neighbors, no worries when the grass isn’t mowed, no noise, no light, BUT I also had no reason to buy flowers for the yard for years. I have discovered though, that the joy I get from the flowers is worth the small cost.

This year my flower pots were inspired by this picture I found on Facebook. 

I was able to use the image and identify most of the plants at Home Depot this weekend. I bought the smallest plants of each for a few reasons:

  1. They are cheaper.
  2. You get more individual plants.
  3. I like to watch them grow and fill in the pits throughout the summer.

Here is how my front pot turned out!

All of these plants like part sun and will really flourish here!

For less than $20 of flowers I was able to fill three planters, one pot on a table, and one hanging basket! Can’t beat that!!!


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