It’s a ???

We honestly had no preferences in whether Baby Ruff was a boy or a girl. We wanted a happy and healthy baby! We did blood work at week 13 to check for many health issues that Kyle and I would be able to read up on, learn about, and prepare for if necessary. With this blood work would also find out the gender of the baby.

Kyle was out of town when I received the phone call from the nurse. She asked me if I wanted to know the gender. Of course! Then she asked if I felt like it was a boy or a girl. I have always felt like I would have a house full of boys. I told her this. She then told me that I was wrong. It’s a girl!!!

I was shocked. If you know my husband or his family, you know there are only three granddaughters out of 18 grandchildren. The likeliness of a Ruff having a girl is very slim. 

I called and told Kyle who was also shocked but so excited. We then invited our entire family over for a small reveal party a few days later. 


We come from a dance and horse background, so this theme was perfect!


The inside of the cupcakes were pink!!!


Our family was super excited to know that Baby Ruff was healthy and a sweet little girl!  
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