Our First Meeting

The day had come. We had an appointment to meet with a specialist and hear about our next set of options. I was so emotional leading up to this day that I had several of my closest friends and family praying over this day, appointment, and time. Their prayers still mean so much to me and the peace that God supplied was unreal. 

We drove to the Perimeter office of ACRM for our consultation. The waiting room was empty and quiet. Were we really the only people having problems in this area? We met with Dr. Denis and listened to him talk through all of the great efforts that our OB/GYN had already made. He explained that my lack of a regular ovulation didn’t mean we would never be able to have babies on our own, but that it could take years longer than most people to get pregnant. He told us that without being able to see if other parts were working properly he couldn’t tell us if we would ever be able to get pregnant on our own. 

He quickly went through a checklist of options and circled the ones that he would say would give us the most success. 

  • Keep doing what we were doing and hope it works out eventually- 1% chance of success
  • Keep trying medicine- 2% chance of success
  • IUI- 12% chance of success
  • IVF- 60% chance of success
  • Adoption- 100% chance of success

Of course with each of these there were price tags, and timelines, and at this point emotionally I wasn’t sure what we would be able to handle. 

In an hour, Dr. Denis expressed several options that would had to decided which one we wanted to walk down. The ball was in our court. What do we do now?

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2 thoughts on “Our First Meeting

  1. cphomegrown says:

    I am going through this journey as well. I meet with a specialist for the first time this month and I am casting all of my anxiety and hope to God. I read in your bio you are a mom to be ( AMAZING!!) is this your second journey? Or have you been successful in the infertility journey? Thank you for sharing your story I am excited to start following your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Danielle Ruff says:

      This is our first baby. We had a successful journey (eventually) through infertility. God cannot be stopped by infertility! Thanks for following It’s a Ruff Life!!! I hope our story helps ease the pain and hardship of what you are walking through. Remember you are not alone!

      Liked by 1 person

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