Where it All Began

So how did you two meet? is always a question my husband and I get. It’s a simple story. I was 16. He was 18. My church only had 5 teenagers in the youth group. Kyle’s was much larger. One of my friends from school invited me to come hear him play drums in his youth group on Wednesday night. I went. Met a few people. Heard about a Dare to Share conference and convinced my mom to let me go. 
On the Friday we were leaving for the conference, I was texting someone in the church lobby and was approached by a cute guy with a ton of tootsie roll pops. He told me cell phones were not allowed and offered me a sucker. That’s the first interaction with Kyle that I remember. By the end of the weekend he had my cell phone number and we talked all the time. 

For weeks we simply hung out at a park after school. He tried to teach me how to yo-yo and play chess. He asked if we could hold hands, his were quite sweaty, as we walked around the park and talked. Eventually he asked me to be his date to his church’s prom. 

Our first date was full of dancing, laughing, and a sweet kiss that I will never forget. I still get butterflies thinking about it.     

 We dated for five and a half years before getting married. They weren’t all easy fun times, but they were full of laughing, talking, and falling more and more in love. Our story began at church and continues to be filled with memories in church. We love it that way! Christ is the center of our relationship. Jesus is what we have always had in common. As each of us continues to become more like Jesus Christ, we continue to grow closer together. 

How did you meet your spouse? What do you have in common? Is Christ at the center of it all?


3 thoughts on “Where it All Began

  1. Patricia Dorsey says:

    I was 28 years old and had “dated every frog in NJ” with no Prince to be found! Then my apartment’s sales clerk tried to introduce me to some cute guy who lived in another building. We had a “blind date” and almost 2 years we married. My husband lead me to a biblical church where I accepted the Lord as my Savior about 4 months after we got married. Forty-one years and many houses later, we’re still serving together as leaders in our current church. To God be the glory!

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